Tara Maclay (magickaltara) wrote in makingamends,
Tara Maclay

First post..

"You know.. it's strange.." I said, my girly voice slightly annoying, "How much a person can brighten up and believe the dumbest thing... without examining all the angles?"
I sighed to myself.
Practice, practice, practice.. makes you look like a Witches dead girlfriend.

I guess I had nothing to go on.. except I did. She's so simple.
So girly. So.. good...

I hate it.

I can't stand it! Argh. Oh well.
Good things come to those who wait.. I allowed myself an evil grin.

"Oh good," I said, shoving people out of the way. "Here comes the plane."
I wanted to be the first thing she saw. The first.. and the last.

Oh yeah! That comes later. Hopefully after li'l miss Slayer and all her goody-too-shoes buddies come begging to my feet, heads detached from their bodies.

Oh.. the possibilities.

I allowed myself a small wave and a shy smile as the one I'd been looking for came off the plane.

((Open for Willow..I hope I did good at this!))
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