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Making Amends

taking back what was done

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Hey! And welcome to Making Amends. Pretty good name considering that's what this is about. Making amends and changing what was done. This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game which means that the main characters will be from Buffy the show except for one or two characters. Here is the what that you're wondering about.

This RP takes place Post Season Six (after season six). Spike is now back from Africa although no one knows about it yet. Not even Buffy. Dawn is starting her year at Sunnydale High. Willow is actually back from England after Giles took care of her and helped her over the summer and she is greiving Tara's death properly. Xander is getting over the fact that Anya is gone. So, basically this is just like Season Seven but it goes from the beginning of Lessons and then we control what happens next.

Where Wesley and Faith come in is when Faith gets attacked in jail by Bringers. They want to wipe out the actual living Slayer and since Faith is the actual Slayer, they're going after her. She breaks out. Wes is still feeling like the odd man out from Angel Investigations. Wesley just so happens to be coming up to visit Faith and talk to her when he see's her attacking the Bringers. Either outside or inside and then they get out of there and since Faith doesn't understand what's going on, where's the place that she heads to? Sunnydale. Wes goes with her because he believes that nothing will be the same anyway if he stays in LA.

Now for characters that have already died, Tara, even Angel, but more so people that are from Sunnydale that have died, you could be The First. That's how you'll be brought back. So yes, you're evil.

The Rules of makingamends

01. Posting once a week is a wonderful thing. Your posts should be at least three (3) paragraphs long and please remember that a paragraph is made up of at least three (3) sentences. A single sentence does not make a paragraph.

02. Spellcheck and proper grammar is a great thing. Also proper punctuation. Periods go at the end of sentences. Remember that.

03. There will be no chat speak and no writing like this: *walks to the kitchen* Hey *picks up a can of soda*: That will not be tolerated and we will replace you if you do that.

04. The Out of Character (OOC) Community is amendsooc. Please post your OOC concerns there as well as introductions or anything else that you would like to say that's NOT in character. You are not to post OOC comments or posts in the in character (IC) journal. Not even small sentences in your tags. That's tacky. Get together with the person on AIM or MSN to chat if you want to.

05. No killing off your character without talking to a mod and getting the okay. You can't do anything drastic to someone's character without their consent. No making up plots without the other persons consent.

06. If you want to leave the game, please talk to one of the mods so we know and have time to replace you. That would be very much helpful.

07. The mods are: buffy_slays_you (buffy_slays_you@livejournal.com) & sired1880spike. (rachel2205@livejournal.com).You can reach us at anytime.

Cast of Characters at makingamends
Buffy is played by buffy_slays_you
Willow is played by witch_willow
Xander is played by the_xand_man
Anya is played by anya_jenkins
Dawn is played by pumpkinbelly
Spike is played by sired1880spike
Faith is played by wickedslayer
Wesley is played by _wes_pryce_
Jonathan is played by - open
Andrew is played by - open
Principal Wood is played by
Giles is played by rgiles_watching
Potential slayers are open

The First Evil Characters
Tara is played by magickaltara
Angelus is played by true_angelus
Warren is played by - open
The Mayor played by - open
Darla is played by - open
Drusilla is played by ripewicked_plum
Buffy is played by __theslayer__
Glory is played by _prime_evil_
Adam is played by - open
Kendra is played by -open
The Master is played by - open
Jenny Calendar is played by - open
Joyce is played by - open